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Installment Personal Loan

The installment of a personal loan is one of the most important aspects of the loan for those who sign it. In fact, together with the interest rate applied, it is the amount of the installment that is the easiest aspect to evaluate for the sustainability of a loan. So let’s find out what the […]

Apply for a Personal Loan: How, Where to Apply?

What documents are required to apply for a personal loan? Is it better to turn to a bank or a financial institution ? How do online loans work? Let’s find out with this guide. Documents to request a personal loan Whether you request an online loan or go to the more traditional channels, the request […]

Personal Loan Simulation

Simulating a personal loan is a fundamental operation if you want to know the costs that will be incurred when applying for a loan. The simulation allows in fact to know in detail the amount of the installments and their distribution for the duration of the loan. How to simulate an amortization schedule Knowing the […]

Personal Loans Rates

What is an interest rate and why is it so important to evaluate the convenience of a personal loan? What is the difference between TAN and TAEG ? Let’s find out with this guide. Interest rate of a personal loan: definition Let’s start with the definition of the interest rate, applied in our case to […]

Request an OnLine Loan ┬╗How to Apply Online?

Here are the most common mistakes that are made in requests for personal loans online. The five mistakes you can not make to get a loan quickly and easily (and how to avoid them to get an online loan). 1. Try again immediately after a refused loan

Home Fire and Burst Policy: policies for home loans

IN BRIEF – Fire and explosion insurance policies provide compensation to the insured if the home is damaged by an accidental fire. This insurance coverage is mandatory in the case of a loan on the property What are they for? Although there have been several legal attempts on the subject, to date in Italy there […]

Everything about the bicycle loan and the electric bike

Which loan is actually suitable as a bicycle loan? Many credit providers offer a bicycle loan. But actually this loan does not really exist. It is just an installment loan. So a kind of personal loan. With the bicycle loan you can at least finance a bicycle. Usually you can also finance certain accessories such […]

Interest on installment loan now lower than the revolving credit

Did you know that the interest on installment loans (also known as the personal loan) is currently lower than the interest on the revolving credit? That is quite remarkable, because previously borrowing money with the revolving credit (DLK) stood for the most advantageous form of borrowing. What is cheaper: Loan on installment or revolving credit? […]

Unemployed Loans

Many people do not have the option, since the standard rate is just enough for the monthly fixed costs to create a suitable cushion. For the majority of people who are fortunate enough to do a steady job, this cushion is usually for new purchases, for example, the replacement of defective equipment, such as washing […]

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