Adolf Hitler’s reversible gold watch sells for $1.1 million at US auction house

Adolf Hitler led Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945.

A watch believed to have belonged to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has sold for $1.1 million at auction in the United States.

The Huber watch, which was sold to an anonymous bidder, features an engraving of a swastika and the initials AH. It was auctioned off by Alexander Historical Auctions. This is a reversible gold watch that was probably given to Hitler on April 20, 1933, on his 44th birthday. “It was the first such honor in German history,” the auction house said. said in the product catalog.

The watch features three dates – Hitler’s date of birth, the date he became Chancellor, and the day the Nazi Party won the March 1933 election. According to the auction house, the watch was taken as a memento when around 30 French soldiers stormed the Berghof, Hitler’s mountain retreat, in May 1945. Thereafter the watch is believed to have been resold and passed down from generation to generation until today today.

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Adolf Hitler led Nazi Germany between 1933 and 1945. During his reign, around 11 million people were killed, six million of them because they were Jews.

According BBC, the auction of this watch was condemned by Jewish leaders, who wanted the sale canceled. In an open letter signed by 34 Jewish leaders, the sale was described as “odious.” They said the transaction had brought “relief to those who romanticize what the Nazi Party stood for”.

However, the auction house reportedly said the purpose of the sale was to preserve history and that most of the items sold are held in private collections or donated to Holocaust museums. “Whether good or bad, history must be preserved,” said First Vice President Mindy Greenstein, adding, “If you destroy history, there’s no evidence it happened. “.

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The outlet reported that despite the watch fetching over $1 million, it still fell short of the auction house’s estimate of $2-4 million.