BBC set to ax respected news program after 25 years

Amid a catalog of changing faces and evolving content at BBCone of its oldest and internationally respected news programs, Deadline Londonshould be finished at the end of the summer

The show, built around London-based foreign correspondents offering their outside perspective on events in the UK, has been on the air for 25 years on both the BBC News and global channels.

No More Deadline

Its first presenter was the late Charles Wheeler, a highly respected foreign correspondent and former father-in-law of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and it is estimated to reach a global audience of between 10 and 15 million viewers.

Deadline Londonit is Producer Nick Guthrie, whose company produced the show for the BBC and edited it from the start, told the Guardian he was briefed on the decision, which is part of the organization’s wider plans to make “substantial changes to news channels”. The BBC released its annual report several weeks ago, revealing it needs to deliver £285million in annual savings by 2027.

The BBC did not confirm the end of the long-running show, but stressed that the kind of commentary and expertise provided by Deadline London is now available to viewers elsewhere in its schedules.

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