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Durable and secure connections for industrial and automotive applications.

  • 140 Series Signal Connectors
  • Waterproof E-Seal Connectors
  • Edge connectors

All types of electronic equipment need the right kind of connections to function properly. Thanks to them, it is possible to power a particular module or to send information between two printed circuits. We can connect an electric wire to a circuit on a PCB by means of, for example, a permanent soldered connection, but this is not the best idea, mainly due to the fact that after making such a connection it is quite difficult to disconnect again. Additionally, permanently connected elements of a device can be very difficult to fit into a finished enclosure.

Therefore, manufacturers and designers of electrical equipment and circuits are very keen on using all kinds of connectors and sockets. EDAC’s product range deserves our attention here. The company is one of the world leaders in its industry, in particular thanks to its rigorous quality policy.

140 Series Signal Connectors

One of the novelties available from TME are 140 series signal connectors. This type of design is very common in household appliances, as well as those dedicated to industrial applications. These connectors are so popular mainly because of their simplicity, durability and low price.

The 140 series by EDAC is fully compatible with similar solutions available on the market. So what we have here is a contact pitch of 2mm, a voltage rating of 100V and a current rating of 2A. Of note here is the operating temperature range which for EDAC connectors is from -40°C to 105°C.

Once you’ve chosen the right socket and plug size, you’ll also need to stock up on dedicated crimp pins. Without them, there will be no electrical connection between two separate modules. The phosphor bronze pins are dedicated for 30AWG – 24AWG cables with a section ranging from 0.05mm² to 0.22mm².

E-Seal waterproof connectors

One of the common characteristics of the chemical, woodworking and automotive industries is the requirement for a high protection rating in installations. The electrical circuits used in it are exposed to the adverse effects of dust, moisture and substances, which can quickly lead to malfunction. One of the solutions for better protection is to use connectors with a sufficiently high protection index. EDAC’s answer to these requirements is the E-Seal series, also known as 565.

E-seal wire-to-wire connectors are ideal for use in locations exposed to inclement weather or industry-specific conditions. They have an IP67 rating and can operate at temperatures from -40°C to 105°C. Thanks to the snap-lock system, the connection will be stable and resistant to any type of shock. The connector body is made of PBT (poly(butylene terephthalate)), which is one of the most durable polymers. Thanks to this, the connectors also comply with the UL94V-0 flammability standard.

Edge connectors

Edge connectors are also to be noted in the EDAC offer. They are designed primarily for PCB mounting, but they can also be wired. Some of us will recognize this type of construction from inside our computers because ports such as PCI, PCI Express, AGP, mSATA, and M.2 are implemented in this way. Thanks to the gold-plated contacts, edge connectors can be an excellent choice if we want to establish a connection between two separate circuit boards without using additional wiring harnesses. EDAC’s Edge connectors are available in various sizes ranging from 20 to 72 pins, with a contact pitch of 3.96 mm.

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