Fans want Marceline in MultiVersus, just like the game’s director

MultiVersus has incorporated some of the most beloved characters from the Warner Bros catalog into its roster, but of course there’s always room for more. One of the most requested additions to the team is none other than Adventure Time’s Marceline, and game director Tony Huynh certainly seems to think The Vampire Queen should step into the arena as well.

Taking to Twitter on August 10, Obey Alliance pro gamer ‘Rexehh’ expressed his own desire for Marcy to become a playable character, asking for retweets from those who agreed with the sentiment. And, of course, Huynh himself shared the message on his own profileshowing his support for the notion.

Although Marceline already has a ringout animation – perhaps indicating she’s not meant to live in the ring itself – that hasn’t deterred eager fans from forming a theory as to how she could manifest as part of the MultiVersus list.

“I think there’s potential for support like how Lucio is in Overwatch – music that makes you faster in a specific aura, heals you slowly, or even [gives] a slight damage buff”, Tweets ‘Stuff Stupid stuff’. Others, meanwhile, pointed to a theoretical addition of Marcy placing her in either the Bruiser or Mage categories.

Whichever way she materializes, we’d absolutely love to see Marcy go from ringout to ring-in, and hope she gets a spot on our MultiVersus tier list alongside Adventure’s best friend Finn. Time.