Koki Wanigela a ticking time bomb


Multiple health factors contribute to the increase in cases of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and diabetes in the Wanigela settlement of Koki in Port Moresby.

The medical officer in charge of Wanigela Health Centre, Dr Eddie Edimani, said he was focusing on patients with lifestyle-related illnesses due to the high incidence of diabetes, hypertension and obesity in the community.

“Infectious diseases like tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS are referred to the clinic in Badili,” Dr Edimani said.

“On average, the clinic sees 50 patients a day due to the proximity to the community and the very good services provided which also bring people from all over the city to seek health services.”

He said the clinic was lucky to have drugs that weren’t on the public health catalog, but because of the funding assistance it received.

“We don’t just get from the public health catalog, which matches the common drugs that are given, because some of these drugs have lost their effectiveness over the years due to abuse and non-adherence. of the treatment, so they form a lot of resistance on the common bugs,” Dr. Edimani said.

“Therefore, if other clinics in the city do not have certain drugs that we have, patients come and collect their drugs from Koki Wanigela Clinic.”

He said it was time for all other district leaders in the city to show the kind of leadership that people deserved in terms of providing health services in the various suburbs for people to live healthy lives.

Dr Edimani said the people of Moresby South had seen change at a faster pace than they had seen before thanks to a hard-working leader and governor.

He thanked them for their excellent leadership.