Mark Baughman, Pinnacle to perform at Indie


KEYSER – Mark Baughman’s Working Theory group with guest rock band Pinnacle will perform at The Indie on Main on Saturday, July 17th.

Pinnacle opens the show for Mark and performs original music and classic covers intertwined. The music is characterized by catchy and memorable lyrics built on a thick layer of high energy guitar playing and punchy rhythms.

Pinnacle is a young and modern take on artists such as AC / DC, Van Halen, Alice In Chains and 80s rock. The band’s catalog covers many areas of rock music, including an original blues jam by Stevie Ray Vaughan and some acoustic pieces.

Mark Baughman’s Working Theory will perform the most popular songs from their seven albums and four rock operas. The show will feature all of the band’s musicians and a video show featuring films they produced for each song.

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Pinnacle appeared with Mark Baughman’s Working Theory at The Indie two years ago. In their new show, Working Theory performs original music written by lyricist, composer and musician Mark Baughman. The music is characterized by well-crafted, tight lyrics addressing contemporary issues, and the sound of which falls largely within the rock and blues genres of music. Baughman belongs to a tradition of artists such as The Who, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and Joni Mitchell. These artists focus on the stories and music that support those stories, rather than sticking to the classic format of a particular genre of music.

In a review of Working Theory’s latest album “No Prophet Here”, Sleeping Bag Studios wrote: “… one of MBWT’s greatest assets is the narrative nature of these songs and the poetic lyricism to be found – not only everything is incredibly well detailed and convincingly, but Mark proves time and time again that he is fearless when it comes to anything he is willing to include in his pictures and words.

Prior to the release of Pinnacle’s debut album in 2020, they were featured weekly at WCLG’s Homegrown Music Session for nearly two years. Pierce Miller keeps the band going with thick guitar riffs while Sean Liller cuts with warm, lively vocals as well as playing the drums. Little brother Aaron Liller joined the squad this year on bass.

The Indie on Main Arts House is located at 15 N. Main St. in Keyser. The small arts and entertainment venue was established in 2017 in the old Keyser Cinema which closed in 1977. Since then the building has been used as a roller skating rink, church, farmers market and processing center. of data. It sat vacant for several years until it was acquired by Stephen Settimi, a local entrepreneur interested in the performing arts.

Performances at The Indie are functions of The Indie On Main Charitable Trust, a 501 (c) (3). This event, among others, helps raise funds for The Indie On Main Charitable Trust, lowering barriers to artist participation and community affordability. India supports operations with small donations and community members who generously donate their time and energy.

“We rely on donations, whether it’s time, money or in-kind contributions,” says Settimi.


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