New music consumption has plummeted in the US, says new report – News

Listeners are increasingly switching from new releases and music from the charts to archive tracks, according to a new study by an entertainment data company. Luminate.

According to the data, the overall consumption of newly released music is down 1.4%. While “hard-hitting” AKA albums/tracks debuting on the Billboard Hot 200 are also down – with just 102 charted so far this year, down from 126 last year.

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On the other hand, consumption of the catalog increased by 19%.

The report notes that the revival of Kate Bush’s 1985 single “Running Up That Hill”, a track that peaked at number 1 in the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Ireland and Billboard Global Hot 200, could have been a major catalyst in the increased interest in archival music.

However, much of the catalog viewing might not come from pre-2000s hits returning to the mainstream – the report notes that a third of catalog streams come from music released between 2013 and 2019.

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Other findings from the report include the huge explosion of Latin music in the US, with 33% growth overtaking its closest rival Country – a genre with growth of only 9%.

Although he also revealed that 66% of Gen Z music lovers discover new music through short music videos on TikTok, making TikTok the most common place to discover music in the age group. .

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