Round Hill Music Royalty Fund diversifies its exposure with the acquisition of The O’Jays catalog


The board said the acquisition of Round Hill would diversify its portfolio, giving it increased exposure to classic R&B and soul.

Streaming makes up 64% of the catalog’s revenue mix, with the balance made up of 3% physical, 10% download, 17% sync, while 6% comes from other sources, according to the catalog’s royalty statements for calendar years 2018-2020.

In terms of geographic exposure, 88% of revenue comes from the United States, while the rest comes from other countries, he said.

Round Hill Music Royalty Fund Makes First Acquisition As It Explores New Fundraising

The board said, “Due to business sensitivities, the company is unable to disclose the financial details of every acquisition as it occurs.

“However, upon completion of the investment of the $ 86.5 million C Share fundraising proceeds, as well as the unused balance of its existing revolving credit facility, the company will make new information. financials on acquisitions. “

Ranked by revenue, the O’Jays’ top songs are “Love Train,” “Forever Mine,” and “For The Love of Money,” which was used as the theme song for the American reality show. The apprentice.

The group made their first chart appearance with the song “Lonely Drifter” in 1963.

Fund President Trevor Bowen said, “The acquisition once again demonstrates Round Hill’s ability to research and acquire catalogs that have generated stable, long-term royalty income over the past decades.

“The addition of the O’Jays catalog offers further diversification in terms of artist, genre, vintage and income type, making it a welcome addition to our growing portfolio. We are delighted to see the Investment Manager competently execute his pipeline of attractive products. Opportunities.”

Josh Gruss, president and CEO of Round Hill, the company’s investment manager, said the O’Jays are known to many as “one of the leading figures in the Philadelphia 70s soul scene.”

“We are delighted to be able to secure this catalog of exceptional quality, which will be a fantastic addition to the historic portfolio of timeless music that we are building for RHM, to support predictable and consistent revenue streams,” added Gruss.


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