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Sir Elton John has rejected ‘mind-blowing’ offers to sell his old catalogue.

The 75-year-old singer has decided not to follow Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen in signing away the rights to some of his biggest hits because he doesn’t need the money and “still cares passionately” about his songs.

Elton’s husband David Furnish said: “He cares passionately about his songs, the very idea of ​​giving up control of this very important part of his life is something he doesn’t want to nurture, for the moment.

“Unless you really, really need the money, why would you go out now?” Effectively you get out of the game when you sell your edition. It would be a shame because we have so much fun celebrating his catalog and the opportunities that new media offers.

The ‘Sacrifice’ singer plans to abandon the tour next July after more than 300 shows and David – who has sons Zachary, 11, and Elijah, nine, with his wife – insisted Elton did not envisage a long-term residence in a fixed place, although he could still give a few “one-off” shows.

He told i newspaper: ‘We both find it harder to be away from our children, we’ve spent so much time together in lockdown – it was a blessing and a gift as it deepened so deeply the bond we have with our children.

“I think that also excludes residences. It’s not in the revised business plan. He wants a big break. It doesn’t rule out a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or going to a different type of place to do something different than what we’ve done before.

But the pair haven’t ruled out following ABBA and sending a hologram of Elton on stage.

David – who is CEO of Elton’s Rocket Entertainment Group – said: “I’m desperate to see the show ‘Abba Voyage’. Anything is possible with technology and 3.0 – we’ll sit down and chat after the tour.

“Right now you can see the real Elton sing and perform live better than he ever has. We don’t want to distract from that.”

Once the tour is over, David and Elton will also take steps to preserve the “Honky Cat’s” extensive art and record collections, as well as iconic stage outfits.

David said, “These things must have the right homes. We have a great relationship with the VA and have contributed to a photography gallery there. Or we could create a permanent Elton museum or a traveling show, using the latest technology. Everything is up for grabs. »

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