This flipbook app turns any PDF into a real page-turner

Create stunning PDF flipbooks in minutes with FlipBooklets.
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How you present information is often as important as what you present. Instead of relying on the same menu of tools that every other professional uses, you can stand out with a clean, polished eBook.

flipbooklets lets you create interactive PDF booklets that can be read on any device. And right now, the app is on sale for $99 (usually $360).

Create interactive flipbooks

FlipBooklets is an easy-to-use web application that lets you quickly create booklets that are accessible and read online, as if they were right there in front of you. Creating a booklet is a quick process: just upload a PDF, save, and view your booklet link!

Each booklet features a page-turning animation that makes your audience feel like they’re reading a real book of your ideas instead of reading a PDF. Booklets can be read on all devices, regardless of size. They are designed to scale without any reduction in visual quality.

All embedded links will work the same and you will still be able to search the text as if it were a normal PDF. Pair your booklet with this flip pen and you can create beautiful flipbooks from any text you can find!

This can make remote presentations more lively and in-person presentations more accessible. Telecommuters can send a link or file for customers to open, print, or view offline. In-person workers can give their audience something to read, keep, and reference as needed. Or even use a book to replace other web content.

A Capterra reviewer wrote of his experience with FlipBooklets, “I love how we can put our catalog on our website where our customers can use the catalog like a real book.”

Save on FlipBooklets

FlipBooklets works in any web browser. With the FlipBooklets basic plan, you can create 10 books of up to 15MB in size each. Since you can use each book as many times as you want, these are 10 presentation resources and tools you can use and reuse whenever you need a good presentation aid. You can even set up private PDFs that won’t show up in search engines.

Give yourself more interesting ways to present information. Get a two-year subscription to FlipBooklets Basic Packageon sale now for just $99 (usually $360).

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