Two Makita launches this summer

Makita has never been shy about adding to its full catalog of products, but users will be interested in the newly launched Autofeed Screwdriver and HEPA Vacuum, which feature new technologies for improved performance.

The self-feeding screwdriver, large titled XRFO3Z, uses PUSH DRIVE technology and aims to provide longer run time and higher fastening speed and can be used in a variety of materials and applications.

Speed ​​and time

To punch that, so to speak, the 18v brushless motor has a maximum speed of 6,000 rpm and is capable of driving up to 2,250 screws on a single charge from a standard Makita 5Ah battery. The operator can keep the motor running and the Push Drive technology only engages when the attachment engages, reducing noise and increasing uptimes.


The new screwdriver has increased versatility as it can accept screws from 25mm to 53mm long, so it can be used on a number of materials from plasterboard to decking.

The depth of drive of the bindings is regulated by a single easy-to-adjust dial.

This auto-feed screwdriver is designed for continuous use, so size and weight have been kept to a minimum – numbers? With battery, the tool weighs just over 2Kgs and is 39cm long. The trigger grip has a rubberized grip and there is a lock button to spare the trigger finger.

Makita’s LXT Battery System is the largest 18V slide-in style lithium-ion battery system and is designed to fit all of Makita’s wide range of 18V (and some 36V) cordless tools. The specs below give users a quick look at the bare facts.

Also Launched – Makita’s New 36 Volt HEPA Filter Dust Extraction System

Utilizing two 18v LXT batteries, the new Makita XCV22 dry vacuum offers users the ability to collect hazardous dust and other jobsite debris.

The vacuum features a powerful Makita brushless motor and an efficient three-stage HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger. It is ideal for cleaning and dust extraction applications in concrete and masonry, woodworking and rough construction.

The new dust extractor can provide up to 80 minutes of continuous run time when using two 18V LXT® 5.0Ah batteries. The Makita brushless motor delivers 120 CFM and an integrated filter cleaning system is designed to maintain peak suction efficiency and longer filter life.

The dust extractor has large casters for easy transport. Locking rear casters keep the vacuum from moving and a large rubber bumper helps prevent damage to the vacuum and surrounding work environment. Batteries are protected from debris with a lockable cover and an oversized on/off button can be operated by an operator wearing gloves. There are two LED battery life indicators and an easy-to-read variable speed dial that can be easily adjusted to suit a variety of vacuuming operations.

Automatic Bluetooth start saves time and effort.

The XCV22 is designed with the auto-start wireless system. AWS® uses Bluetooth® technology for wireless power on and power off between the equipped tool and the dust extractor. AWS® is an intelligent communication system that eliminates cords and excessive noise since the dust extractor only operates when activated by an AWS® tool.

What you get

The XCV22PTU is a kit and includes two 18V LXT® 5.0Ah batteries, dual port charger and AWS® transmitter plus a range of accessories including HEPA filter, cuff adapters, hoses, extension cord, floor nozzle, etc.

The XCV22ZU is a “tool only” (batteries and charger sold separately) but includes an AWS® transmitter as well as the same range of accessories as the XCV22PTU.

Attached are the specifications for both kit options:-